(Mindy Johnson)

I will follow you, my love
I will follow you anywhere
I will go with you, my love
On this journey we now share

You lead me beautifully in this dance of life
And I am honored to be by your side
You build me up and you make me shine
With your tenderness and humbleness
I’m so glad you’re mine


You’ve proven many times you’re trustworthy
And I know you’d lay down your life for me
Your eyes are gentle and your touch is sincere
You’ve led me to this place with you
I’m so glad we’re here

I will follow you, ooooh, my love

= = = = = = = = =
Lead Vocal: Mindy Johnson
Piano: Mindy Johnson
Electric Guitar: Don Holmes
Lead Guitar: Don Holmes
Muted Trumpet: Jeff Johnson
Bass: Dow Tomlin
Drums: Peter Young
= = = = = = = = =
©2012. All Rights Reserved by 4 Truth Music (ASCAP); Triple Creeks Music (ASCAP).

Behind the Song

I really think you can interpret this song in two ways:

A beautiful song of submission:
1- from a wife to her husband
2- from a believer to our redeemer, Jesus Christ


I believe that God has called the husband to be the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church.

Christ serves his bride in the most beautiful selfless ways, and ultimately with his life...
and God has called the husbands to serve his wife in such a way of leadership.
Jeff isn't dying on a cross, but God has called him to die to his own "self" and love his wife and family by serving us.
When love comes first, the other person comes first.

I believe a waltz is a wonderful example of what biblical submission is about.

Think about who shines in a waltz.  It's the woman, isn't it?
The man gracefully leads her around, he is in control. 
But who is the one we ooo and ah over?  It's the woman!  In her submitting to his dips and twirls SHE is the one that highlights the dance, the parts we remember.

It is not always easy to be submissive.  We are sinful people.  We all have our own ideas of how life should go.
How children should be raised.

But, when led in a selfless, love comes first manner, it's an honor to submit to that kind of leadership.

And let us be very careful what little eyes and little ears hear in our household that they may understand the delicate balance, the delicate and beautiful dance.