(Mindy Johnson)

Sometimes it seems
You're so far away
On the days that are hard for me
When the going is tough
Is it me that backs away
Not trusting in the way of who you are?

So bring me back
Back to the place
Where I know your voice
And I know your face

Bring me back
To the place I love
I've been wandering far enough

I know I’m the one
I'm the one who's been on the run
Running from what you may have planned for me

Jesus hold me now
I’m ready to learn how
To lay down my life
So you can pick me up again


I know I pick and choose
Which day I plan to use
Your word as my guide
Oh Lord, open my eyes

Bring me back

= = = = = = = = =
Lead Vocal: Mindy Johnson
Background Vocals: Mindy Johnson, Jeff Johnson, John Nanni, Mark Duckworth,
Piano: Mindy Johnson
Strings: Rodger Morris
Acoustic Guitar: John Nanni
Electric Guitar: John Nanni
Lead Guitar: John Nanni
Strings: Rodger Morris
Bass: Dow Tomlin
Drums: Peter Young
Shaker: Jeff Johnson
Goatoes: Jeff
= = = = = = = = =
©2012. All Rights Reserved by 4 Truth Music (ASCAP); Triple Creeks Music (ASCAP).

Behind the Song

I love that Jesus continues to pursue his bride.

There are days when it's easier than others to feel his presence.
There are days when I spiritually look around and think, "Hmmm, how did I get over here?" 

And I call to Jesus to bring me back to that place where I am in His presence and I hear his voice clearer.

I think we can forget how very important God's word is.  He wants to connect with us by revealing more of who He is...and we miss it when we neglect to make time for Him.

Or we might miss an opportunity to serve Him because we are not as in tune to His voice on a given day.

So I pray that as you listen, as you read this, that perhaps the Lord is gently nudging you to return to that place where you are in His presence and can spend some time in that place.